All About Us


Read up. . . . Yup, that’s what we do!!!  We are a “Faith Based” Ladies Only Book Club. Organized by two beautiful women of God. These women had a yearning to fellowship with other sister girlfriends who love to explore spiritual literature. We delve into both fiction and non-fiction faith based novels/books.

Although our reading selections are of a religious nature, we promise they are not, and I do mean NOT, boring. Yes, you’ll learn a lot about Christ, spiritual renewal, heaven, etc. but as you pull from our member created bookshelves you’ll  turn pages that will tap into every emotional core of your being. Oops!!! I shouldn’t  use the word “promise”.  Perhaps we’ll stumble upon a few not so interesting books.

Interested yet? let me tell you how it works. Each month a faith based book is selected by one of the Read Up members, we have 30 days to read it and then we discuss it via the blog. Each book is then rated: 1 to 5 stars. Five being the best.

We are not a religious Club, we’re women of FAITH.  Have a book you want to share? GREAT. Add it to the bookshelf. To join us visit the contact page.